D&D Yochlol Repaint – proto Shoggoth / small Shoggoth

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I (re)painted another D&D Miniature that makes a great small shoggoth or proto shoggoth, or any other kind of Lovecraftian slimy horror

Dungeons and Dragons Yochlol Repaint

its a pretty cheap miniture to buy , and i can only recommend it , as it makes a great addition to any horde of Lovecraftian Horrors !

Before after

also ; heres a painted and pre painted view of the mini


Got a new Camera and tested it out….

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Reaper Cthulhu K50 BReaper Cthulhu K50 A Reaper Cthulhu K50 DReaper Cthulhu K50 C

So i got gifted a Pentax K50 and must say it makes pretty good pictures

RAFM – Dark Young of Shub Niggurath – W.I.P

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I finally got my hands on one of the really old RAFM Dark Young of Shub Niggurath miniature

Ral partha Dark Young

the parts fit together horribly ( a thing i remembered from a few years back)

and most of the versions that people buildt didnt look that great to be honest. Most of the times the people leave the tentacles stuck together ( because it makes acting way more easy), allthough it just takes a knife to cut them apart and then you can bend them in any direction, thus making the miniature feel way more animated ! I seriusly dont get why people dont do this !

Also i used greenstuff to fix the huge strange looking gaps , that seperate the lower body part from the tenta…cly bits šŸ™‚

I cant wait to find out how it looks painted

from Gormiti Toy to Strange Aeons – Deep One – Finished

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Gormiti Deep ones finished

They look a bit silly, but overall fit in well with my pulp looking hordes of Innsmouth

they even look better when you have a Before/After paintjob compairsion

Gormiti deep ones before and after

Gormiti Deep ones WIP Update

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heres a small update on the painting of the two Gormiti Deepones


Gormiti deep ones

Strange Aeons – Tentacles from Toy Octopus & Gormiti – Deep Ones W.I.P

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Yeah…its been a while i posted something.

But thats because i was working on this


and other Postapocalyptic Larp stuff

well whatever….. i finally started working on some Miniatures again after i got some kind of Octopus toy on a flea market

i basically just cut off the plastic tentacles , and now can paint them and use them for the upcoming stange Aeons second edition

Tentacles from toy Long tentacles

The size perfectly fits the 28mm scale. Now i just have to paint them and build bases where they “grow ” out of the ground šŸ˜€


also iĀ  bought some Gormiti toys for 50 Ct

Gormiti Deepones

they are kind of silly looking,but i think they can fir the “pulp” look of my ever growing army of Deep ones pretty effin well !



Intermodellbau 2015 Dortmund

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heres a “few” pictures i took at the Intermodellbau 2015 in Dortmund

*right click* open in new tab to get the full sized pictures

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