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New Killabot painted

Posted in Finished Projects, Speschulz and Stuff with Feetz on March 29, 2013 by kleinerzorn

im happy with how it turned out


its not a Golden deamon paintjob….but as i hate painting im happy that i have developed a technique to paint my models to a descent tabletop standart

edit: i remember someone asking me about the liddle squig…..its from the Warhammer fantasy startbox…the one with dwarves and Nightgoblins…you can get it pretty cheap on ebay

new picture of the grot rebellion

Posted in Da great Grot Rebellion on March 29, 2013 by kleinerzorn

as my blog ( or better to say my grot rebellion) got featured on Brü i decied to upload a new version of the picture

here you go


Bigmek with Shokk attack Gun from AoBR Nob

Posted in Da Boyz on March 27, 2013 by kleinerzorn

i was bored so i started building a Bigmek with a Shokk attack gun from an aobr Nob

Shokk Mek wip

overall i would call the buildt 75% finished…i still need to do some more spikes and rivets,a handle, some other smaller stuff and i need to find some suitable balls for the head of the gun
its mostly buildt from GW parts the main parts are a Kannon from the Deffrolla sprue,a cybot melta and some turbine thing that i had left from looting a Valkyrie

Killabot 2.0 paint in progress

Posted in Speschulz and Stuff with Feetz on March 26, 2013 by kleinerzorn

sooo i started painting it…
its proppa yellow again because i realized i could need some more Killabots for my Badmoons

Trashbot pip

Orkbot Version 2.0

Posted in Speschulz and Stuff with Feetz on March 24, 2013 by kleinerzorn

some years ago i did some Ork bots to use as Killakans….but i was never really happy with the results

Ork Segweys

as you can see the crapcans or ork segways or whatever they are didnt really look that well and did not capture what i had in mind
A friend of mine asked me some time ago if i could mould some bots for him….and that hed buy 15….soooo i did a newer version


as you can see the leg goes on both sides and the weapon is a giant Meatcleaver
overall im impressed with how good such a simple idea turned out



the cast works well and the scrapgrinder weapon looks fine too….

PLUS its pretty easy to individualize the bots by adding smaller bits like spikes of plasticcard or shoulder pad thingys

Trashbot torsos

heres 10 torsos of the 15 bots i sold

two new Trapclaps

Posted in Finished Projects, Unorky Stuff on March 23, 2013 by kleinerzorn

Trapclap mission-objective

the Orktrap


aaand a mission objective

Plague Zombies

Posted in Unorky Stuff on March 13, 2013 by kleinerzorn

as i decited to post some moreof my none Ork related work here i created a new Category “unorky Stuff”
so with this new category id like to presend you 10 of the plague Zombies i did

Plague Zombies

its pretty simple conversions
i took 9 cadians and one robogear miniature i found in a bitsbox and addet some mantic zombie bits
im pleased with the result and am currently selling these so someone paints them…..i dont want them to lay around in one of the crates with unused stuff for years as i have too much unfinished projects to even think about painting these

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