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D&D Yochlol Repaint – proto Shoggoth / small Shoggoth

Posted in Finished Projects, Lovecraftian Stuff with tags , , , , , , , on August 12, 2015 by kleinerzorn

I (re)painted another D&D Miniature that makes a great small shoggoth or proto shoggoth, or any other kind of Lovecraftian slimy horror

Dungeons and Dragons Yochlol Repaint

its a pretty cheap miniture to buy , and i can only recommend it , as it makes a great addition to any horde of Lovecraftian Horrors !

Before after

also ; heres a painted and pre painted view of the mini


from Gormiti Toy to Strange Aeons – Deep One – Finished

Posted in Finished Projects, Lovecraftian Stuff with tags , , , , , on July 24, 2015 by kleinerzorn

Gormiti Deep ones finished

They look a bit silly, but overall fit in well with my pulp looking hordes of Innsmouth

they even look better when you have a Before/After paintjob compairsion

Gormiti deep ones before and after

Gormiti Deep ones WIP Update

Posted in Lovecraftian Stuff with tags , , , on July 23, 2015 by kleinerzorn

heres a small update on the painting of the two Gormiti Deepones


Gormiti deep ones

Strange Aeons – Tentacles from Toy Octopus & Gormiti – Deep Ones W.I.P

Posted in Lovecraftian Stuff with tags , , , , , , , on July 22, 2015 by kleinerzorn

Yeah…its been a while i posted something.

But thats because i was working on this


and other Postapocalyptic Larp stuff

well whatever….. i finally started working on some Miniatures again after i got some kind of Octopus toy on a flea market

i basically just cut off the plastic tentacles , and now can paint them and use them for the upcoming stange Aeons second edition

Tentacles from toy Long tentacles

The size perfectly fits the 28mm scale. Now i just have to paint them and build bases where they “grow ” out of the ground 😀


also i  bought some Gormiti toys for 50 Ct

Gormiti Deepones

they are kind of silly looking,but i think they can fir the “pulp” look of my ever growing army of Deep ones pretty effin well !



Lovecraftian Insectoid – Dreamblade Hive Pincer Repaint

Posted in Finished Projects, Lovecraftian Stuff with tags , , , on December 5, 2014 by kleinerzorn

I repainted another Dreamblade Mini


its mindboggling how many good Miniatures there are considering how crappy the overall dreamblade miniatures look

Dreamblade the gift that keeps on giving

Terrain – Sandbag Barriers and creepy Scarecrow

Posted in Finished Projects, Terrain with tags , , , , on November 20, 2014 by kleinerzorn

i finished some smaller pieces of street clutter

first of all heres 3 Sandbag-barriers

Sand Barrierand also a creepy scarecrow

Creepy Scarecrow

wich is another repainted Dreamblade miniature called the ” Ropestrung Scarecrow”

Asylum Escapee – Dreamblade Conversion/Repaint

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So ….yeah…another Dreamblade conversion/repaint

i had to replace the head with one of the mantic Ghoul heads…..and he really looks batshit insane now

Asylum Escapee

i cant wait to use him in a game of Strange aeons…

I may go as far as writing my own scenario….The Threshold team has to escort this maniac fom one edge of the board to the other

while the Lurkers try to free him

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