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Wildork bikes WIP

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wildork bikes

theres still some work to do , im not happy with the weapons yet as any synchronized weapon seems to have two barrels, but i guess i will keep them for now and maybe change them later…

im also working on some custom bike bases that (if they turn out well enough) may be addet to the shop

Big Squig

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Once there was half a toy dinosaur laying on my table….

then i got bored and addet a face to it


heres the result !


Huge squig conversion

Wildork Dakkajet No. 2

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As i am well happy with the Squigeon of Deff i decited to build me a second one

the wings are not as big this time ! A) because i couldnt find the dragon toy i used before and B) because i had these Mageknight Dragon wings laying in a bitzbox , and they fit the model well.

Also it looks different and is not as hard to transport ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wildork Dakkajet version 2for the howdah i chose yet another destroyed old revell jeep from my bitzbox, and chains….i want it to look similar to the other oneย  ( i will add some more chains to the front though , but i need to wait for the mail to deliver some more greenstuff so i can fix the throat.

I will also add a crew of 6 Orks, clinging to the howdah, to represent the weapons

for colours i maybe peint it yellow this time

just 2 pictures from a game i used my Wildorks in

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….and gotย  anihilated by a flying circus ๐Ÿ˜€


1091101_541958599205165_1538376713_o 919929_541958625871829_458208110_o 1102637_541957469205278_85353233_o

and one picture of my custom terrain ๐Ÿ˜€

Wildorks Grouppic

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i made a picture of what i finished so far


Wildork Armypic

Da Squigeon of DEFF aka Wildork Dakkajet

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I finally finished the Wildork Dakkajet


Wildork Dakkajet Final

the weapons are obviously boys with dakkaguns strapped to the squiggoth

im well happy with how it turned out

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