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Lovecraftian Deepone Seaslug Monster – Starwars Ng`Ok Repaint/Conversion

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so i found this on ebay for about 2€

NG OK beforeand i thought to myself ” that could make a great addition to my lovecraftian Minis

So i cut off the thing on the top…..removed a LOT of mould lines and fixed it up with some greenstuff

then i painted it….

Ng ok repaint

and IT FITS IN BRILLIANTLY ! The new paintjob brings out the overall slimy and creepy look great….and the tentacle feet things look like they would work much better underwater

Goon and Zombie – Starwars Lando Calrissian repaint & Heroquest Zombie

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Goon and Zombie

I finished a random goon and another zombie

the Zombie is one of the old Heroquest zombies ( a model i wanted to paint FOR YEARS !)

and the goon is a Starwars miniature. it was lando Calrissian before i chopped off his head and replaced it with the head of a dreamblade miniature also i cut of the front of his blaster and addet a barrel to have him wield a gun

i mostly did the conversion because i bought the mini for under 1 € …i think 50 cents or so and wanted to see if the starwars mioniatures are high quality enough to do conversions


heres a “before” picture of the miniature

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