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Scratchbuildt sail for the Cutta

Posted in Da great Grot Rebellion, Uva Stuff wif WeelZ on September 26, 2012 by kleinerzorn

as the original Gorkamorka Cutta came with a paper sail i decited to add a sail made of plasticcard…..

Cutta and Big Lugga for the Grot Rebellion

Posted in Da great Grot Rebellion, Speschulz and Stuff with Feetz on September 25, 2012 by kleinerzorn

soooo i bought those two old Gorkamorka vehicles from a guy in Sweden over at
they will be used as a Cutta and a Clippa for my Grot rebellion Army

Cybork Squig for my Waaaghboss on Waaaghbike

Posted in Finished Projects, Podlings, Speschulz and Stuff with Feetz on September 23, 2012 by kleinerzorn

I took a misscasted podling and swapped some wheels and robot bitz on it to see how it may look

and i must say im happy with the result…..

Disguised Kommando or Tribute to the most epic ork unit ever

Posted in Da Boyz, Finished Projects on September 20, 2012 by kleinerzorn

some of those who read this may have seen this

the story behind this unit is rather sad though !
Some guy at the buildt it and after some time sold it on ebay….
some asshat bought it and ripped the models appart to get bitz ?!?!?! ( even though the bits themselves would have been cheaper……)

but as i think the orkdom needs models like this … and had some spare time i decited to do a similar unit…..

so heres the first Kommando….

the funny beakie on the plate is a wobbly model syndrome guy…..
its a 40k Webcomic….check it out on

Huge ass Squig for my Wildorks ……Toy Conversion

Posted in Speschulz and Stuff with Feetz, Tanks on September 18, 2012 by kleinerzorn

Remember these old Extreme Dinosaurs toys ?
i wanted to do a Dinosaur conversation for my Wildorks but more coical than most dinosaur toys look
and by sheer luck i saw these toys on ebay and bought one or 1 € and 2,2€ porto….

i cut off its forearms and shortened it a bit …..after that i addet a howdah made of some spare plasticcard bits and put on a toy minigun i bought a while back for 1€ (on ebay too :D)

its a bit silly that it wear pants…. but i just consider them what any proppa ork would consider them
a holy relic of Gork (or Mork)

heres a Barryshot so you can see the size ( its actually quite big but as i plkan on using it either as a Big Squiggoth or a tank that should work fine)

so considering the small amount of time put in and the small amount of money it costs me i can only recommend doing a conversion like this……
its unique….funny … and cheap


Squigs in front of the Mekshop

Posted in Finished Projects, Podlings, Terrain on September 17, 2012 by kleinerzorn

id just like to share that picture of some of my squigs on some of my terrain pieces
because i really like how it looks

The Cybotling or How my Grot Rebellion got some Cybork Squigs

Posted in Da great Grot Rebellion, Finished Projects, Podlings on September 16, 2012 by kleinerzorn

So heres what i was thinking…..
In a grot rebellion….grots are valuable assets that you wouldnt waste….with lets say…testing out Bioniks on them
so what do grot Doks test on ….!

So i rpoudly present to you
the Cybotling wich is NOT a squig…. its a Podling
Squigs belong to Games workshop…Podlings are…uhm….mutated vegetables with teeth and feet with ust two toes because God/me sucks at creating feet ! *g*

i created the riginal by adding gubbinz to one of my normal podlings
im also
working on a few other versions with cbernetic legs,a metal jaw,exhausts etc….

Heres a Barryshot with a Dok i painted a few days ago


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