Strange Aeons – Tentacles from Toy Octopus & Gormiti – Deep Ones W.I.P

Yeah…its been a while i posted something.

But thats because i was working on this


and other Postapocalyptic Larp stuff

well whatever….. i finally started working on some Miniatures again after i got some kind of Octopus toy on a flea market

i basically just cut off the plastic tentacles , and now can paint them and use them for the upcoming stange Aeons second edition

Tentacles from toy Long tentacles

The size perfectly fits the 28mm scale. Now i just have to paint them and build bases where they “grow ” out of the ground 😀


also i  bought some Gormiti toys for 50 Ct

Gormiti Deepones

they are kind of silly looking,but i think they can fir the “pulp” look of my ever growing army of Deep ones pretty effin well !




12 Responses to “Strange Aeons – Tentacles from Toy Octopus & Gormiti – Deep Ones W.I.P”

  1. If you have the patience, Reaper has a pretty sweet KS going on now with a TON of Mythos stuff.

    • have the patience…dont have the cash though…sadly 😀
      but they will release the stuff after the KS anyhow….so i still will get my hands on some sweet stuff in the end 😀

      • I meant the patience to wait a year! hah!
        And you can always see all the cool stuff online! 🙂

      • I guess Reaper took the hint that people want Lovecraftian stuff….as the Tiik Warrior from the last Kickstarter is allways out of stock 😀
        I have enough stuff on my hands , so that the waiting isnt that much of a bother. Im really looking forward to getting my Strange Aeons V.2 Rulebook and the other stuff i ordered via that kickstarter…and then i will have to paint that first :D….also my Desk is full of other Lovecraftian greatness 😀 . There are definetly some models i look forward to buy within this Kickstarter though 😀 Also the bones stuff is pretty cheap….so this will be a lot of fun buying some of those single minis ….. Most of the Deals have stuff in them i have no use for anyway 😀

      • Yeah, the lovecraftian stuff isn’t really my style, but my 11 year old about peed his pants he got so excited about a few of them. So, I’ll be getting shub-niggurath for sure.
        I also have more than enough to keep me busy until this one ships. 🙂

  2. I love the job you did on the cosplay, btw. Fantastic work all around!

  3. Fantastic work. 🙂 I got lazy a few years ago and stopped making out Renfest outfits. I miss it occasionally.

    • Thanks…i find its kind of a therapeutic thing to do for me to kinda keep my ADHD under control 😀 Its pretty relaxing to work on the Postapo Stuff…and as it seems my clothes look good enough , as i may be part of some car commercial thing with a postapocalyptic theme that gets filmed next week , if things work out the way i want them to 🙂

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