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from Gormiti Toy to Strange Aeons – Deep One – Finished

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Gormiti Deep ones finished

They look a bit silly, but overall fit in well with my pulp looking hordes of Innsmouth

they even look better when you have a Before/After paintjob compairsion

Gormiti deep ones before and after

Gormiti Deep ones WIP Update

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heres a small update on the painting of the two Gormiti Deepones


Gormiti deep ones

Strange Aeons – Tentacles from Toy Octopus & Gormiti – Deep Ones W.I.P

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Yeah…its been a while i posted something.

But thats because i was working on this


and other Postapocalyptic Larp stuff

well whatever….. i finally started working on some Miniatures again after i got some kind of Octopus toy on a flea market

i basically just cut off the plastic tentacles , and now can paint them and use them for the upcoming stange Aeons second edition

Tentacles from toy Long tentacles

The size perfectly fits the 28mm scale. Now i just have to paint them and build bases where they “grow ” out of the ground 😀


also i  bought some Gormiti toys for 50 Ct

Gormiti Deepones

they are kind of silly looking,but i think they can fir the “pulp” look of my ever growing army of Deep ones pretty effin well !



Reaper Bones – Tiik Warriors – Strange Aeons – Deep Ones

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Tiik Warrior Deep ones Kopiei just finished two more deep one miniatures

this time its the Tiik Warriors from Reapers Bones Series

I coverted the vl Deep one a bit by removing the lower jaw and changing the angle of the arm… also i removed the Anglerfish thingy growing from its forehead….. But i kept the one on the visual right side as it was manufactured

I wanted to buy those minis for a long time now….but had to order them through a local Gaming store cause the postage to germany was way to expensive to have them shipped to germany fropm the states

exspecially considering that the miniatures themselve are so friggin cheap to buy


3 More Deep one Hybrids

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i finished the 3 remaining Deep one hybrids i bought from Brigadegames

i can only emphasize that those models are by far the best Hybrids around, they are sculpted beautifully……you can see the others here

All my Deep one Hybrids so far

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All my deep ones so far

Deep One Hybrid Skull Evolution

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vonmeer at Devientart did a great study on how the Innsmouthlook develops on the skulls of humans that id like to share

I dislike the overall look of Fishpeople as i find it not as terrifying as humans with fishy traits and as he put it way better as i could i just quote him here


“I personally find extreme cases of the “Innsmouth look” more fantasy and less horrific. The horror is in the subtle uncanny valley effect, and they could not keep this secret if they all had fish heads.

Plus at least 75%-80% are “normal humans” in Innsmouth with little deep one traits or none at all, that’s why the deep-ones have a covenant with them. To breed, but they all eventually leave…the humans keep breeding with humans after all, they only must bear one hybrid and that’s not anything romantic..

So my reference is for a hybrid, with heavy atavistic traits moving towards full deep-one. Some hybrids may stop in a intermediary stage and get an extreme case of the Innsmouth Look.

It’s just a photo manip and redraw of a Human Skull and that of a Wolf-Eel, based on images from Skulls Unlimited”

Fishman hybrids

That fact is why i love the Deep one miniatures from Brigadegames so much !

the only thing i consider the Innsmouthlook to differ from normal humans is that the humans should have aspects of fishes/frogs while a few may look very mutated… Of course in a game as Strange Aeons there is a wider range of mutation to choose from so that you can use what you want….but fr normal Innsmouthfolk / Cultists , i wanted to use miniatures that do not resemble hideous Monsters but creepy humans instead

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