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Deamon Prince of Khorne & Deamon Prince of Tzeentch

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I buildt myself two deamon princes for a flying circus army list

the first one is a deamon princo of Khorne

Deamon prince of khorne WIPThe base for the model was a Dreamblade model with a head replacement of yet another dreamblade model ! I also addet Ork Waaaghboss arms as i thought they fit sizewise and the weapons look khorn…ish enough

Deamonprince khorne

i really had fun painting it and i think the weapons work great ! also the head strongly reminds me of the deadra entitys of the Elder scrolls games

im very glad with how it turned out , and it did cost me about 3 € ( time spendt to build and paint it not includet obviusly)

The second one is a Deamon prince of Tzeentch

Daemon prince Tzeentch WIP

i consider it finished and will likekly start painting it this week….. the base model is some kind of Dungeons & dragons deamon, and the headpiece of the Staff is from some GW chaos set ( either CSM or Chaos deamons)

Another PIP update on the Wildork lair

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Ork lair WIP 2

Another update to the Wildork-lair

Posted in Terrain with tags , , , on September 18, 2013 by kleinerzorn

Wildork Lair WIP

Wildork Base – painted the wooden stuff

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so yeah…basically as it says above…..i have painted the wooden parts that go on top of the stones….

Wooden shit painted

also i addet some or shields so that it looks less boring !

Wildork base terrain UPDATE

Posted in Terrain on September 12, 2013 by kleinerzorn

Wildork Base2

i replaced the steps with a ladder and addet the wooden platforms i was talking about. Next thing will be a bit more sand to the outer part of the pallisades and then i will start painting the parts seperately

Maybe i will add some ork shields to the pallisades or the wooden plattforms….or a handfull of podling

Postapocalyptic Outhouse , Now addet to the Shop

Posted in Finished Projects, Terrain on September 6, 2013 by kleinerzorn

The Postapocalyptic outhouse is now available in my Shop


Postapocalyptic outhouse

Wildork terrain

Posted in Terrain on September 5, 2013 by kleinerzorn

i decited to build a bigger centerpiece for my Wildorks to finish off the Wildork Terrain project

its still in the early stages of WIP as i think i will get ridd of the stairs and maybe add a ladder

and i think i will add some wooden structure to the right


Wildork Base

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