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Walls and BIGGER WALLS….now with 50% more Propaganda

Posted in Finished Projects, Terrain on April 24, 2013 by kleinerzorn

Ive buildt some more Terrain pieces


Dicke Mauern

5 More Wildorks

Posted in Da Boyz, Finished Projects on April 20, 2013 by kleinerzorn

Annuva 5 Wildorks

Reworked a Podling

Posted in Podlings on April 18, 2013 by kleinerzorn

i did a liddle more work on my latest podling as i didnt like the face that much
aklso there was a part of the leg that looked weird

smaller podling zeropointfive

so i fixed the nose and gave it that knd of spine thingy on its back that most of my podlings have
also i fixed the foot

New Podling twopont oh

i have yet to paint a casted version of it though

Moar Wildork tents

Posted in Finished Projects, Terrain on April 17, 2013 by kleinerzorn

sorry for the crappy picture quality this time
but i think you get the basic jist….

Moar tents 2

heres what i did

1. prime the whole model black i used normal tinting paint and applyed it with a big brush , as priming spray would have melted the styrodur base

2. drybrush with different tones of brown starting from dark to bright. It was way easyer than i imagined and im actually quite happy how the texture came out….. ( iot looks rather greyish on the picture . Just look at the other pictures of the tents , they all are painted the same)

i think i drybrushed it about 6 or 7 times to get the highlighted effect that suited my tastes 😀

3. add grass and (prepainted) bits

4. Done

oh and heres another tent 😀

Moar tents

How to build a Wildork tent step one

Posted in Terrain with tags , , , on April 11, 2013 by kleinerzorn

step one building

its pretty easy

wildork tent tutorial

1. make some basic structire from whatever material you like….
my rubbish structure is buildt from spare parts of styrodur ( basically trash)

2. glue touletpaper to it to get a tent shape

3. take your scissors and cut animal skin shapes from paper ( try using thicker paper if you want the texture to come out better when you paint)

4. put the paper/hides in a bowl of water till they are soft enough to glue them to the “tent”

5. add sand to the base


Netx time …..painting

More wildork terrain

Posted in Finished Projects, Terrain on April 10, 2013 by kleinerzorn

i buildt another tent
oh and i played the first campaign game and won….but more on that later

sooo heres the tent

Wildork big tent

Wildork Terrain

Posted in Finished Projects, Terrain on April 7, 2013 by kleinerzorn

i buildt these terrain pieces for an upcoming Campaign me and a friend are playing
its orks vs imperial army and the first part will be an attack on a Wildork Camp in a jungle ( i will make some pictures of the game as we plan on playing only painted stuff)
so i buildt some Wildork tents

i started with building a rough tripod thingy for the smaller tents and used some more wires for the bigger tent ( the last one was obviously a bottle)
then i glued some toilet paper to it to get the basic shape of a tent ( it worked even better then i expected)
for the texture i basically just cut out leather skin thingys from paper and glued them to the tents so that the tents look like they were reinforced with hides of animals

for the paintjob i brushed everything with different brown tones
and addet some bitz….

Wildork terrain

so heres the finished tents and two piles of bones buildt from actual chicken bones ( the huge skull is from some McFarlane toys base i bought on ebay years ago)

Update on the Shokk attack Bigmek

Posted in Da Boyz on April 3, 2013 by kleinerzorn

i found some peals in a toy store that make great copper balls for the weapon and addet some minor stuff like about 50 rivets

Shokk mek 02

i would say its 95% finished now

New Killabots and Bazukkas for my Wildorks

Posted in Da Boyz, Finished Projects on April 1, 2013 by kleinerzorn

Wildork Zukkas

Firstof all heres the two “bazukka” Boys for my wildorks…as you can see the Zukkas are represented by Grenate Chukkas


and heres the “bots”
Its Boys riding huge Squigs !

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