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Strange Aeons Homunculi aka MUTOFFELN

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I painted 5 smaller Homunculi for Strange Aeons

Kleiner Zorn - Mutoffeln Assemble - Round 2

They are done by yours truly and i call them mutoffeln….i think they would make great nurglings too


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Its been a while since i posted something

but i finished 5 new Mutoffeln 😀

Motoffeln 3

and heres a updated version of the first Mutoffeln i created

Motoffeln 2


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Motoffeln 2


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whenever i have some spoare greenstuff i use it to work on small comical monsters
now i had some spare silicone and i made a mould for three of them.

Mutoffeln Painted

They are called Mutoffeln….. as im german and had to think about mutated potatos when looking at them a friend suggested the name ( kartoffel is german for potato )and i like the silly sound of the name.

i really like how they look , and the evil frog like one in the middle is my favourite
and i think im making progress with my painting skills

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