Reaper Bones Cthulhu ..finished


4 Responses to “Reaper Bones Cthulhu ..finished”

  1. Die Figur ist sehr schön geworden Kultistige Grüße aus Herdecke.
    Schöne Basegestaltung und Akzente

  2. Beautiful paint job. Could you please provide a step by step guide as to how you did it? I want to buy that miniature.

    • its actually a pretty easy paintjob

      1. Army painter matt white spraypaint
      2-5 Drybrushing whith various greens and turquise
      6. paint eyes etc
      7. washes of different reds and greens to bring out the bloody / fleshy parts
      8. more drybrushing of the details like the fins , tentacles etc
      9. Armypainter quickshade strong tone
      10. finished

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