Coven of the Tentacle

Coven of the tentacle

I painted a few more miniatures for strange Aeons….. lets start with my Coven of the tentacle

the left and right miniature are Robed cultist nuns from Blind Beggar Miniatures  sculpted by mason .I finished the left one a while back and simply rebased it to fit in with the other miniatures……

The Monstrosity in the Middle was part of the Mythos Foundry  Kickstarter, wich i sadlycouldnt support  ( for lack of a credit card  ….Great idea Paypal/Kickstarter)  Its by far one of the most beautifull Lovecraftian miniatures around , and i got my hands on it by contacting Mythos foundry on facebook. And they were so nice to sell me a spare one that got left after the kickstarter endet 😀


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