Ork Big Trakk

so as Forgeworld released the Big Trakk models i thought id build one myself

so here it is WWII Style for a mob of blood axes id like to add to my Waaagh


i used a WWII “Panzerwagen” i bought for about 4 € and addet the Ram of the Battlewagon spure

looks great so far imho


i wont add that much rivets too it because i like it to look kinda clea…. my plan is to create two more Halftrakks like this

to play with the rules FW released

Ork Big Trakk
Points: 50 points
Orks love their trukks, but when it comes to fighting in the rough terrain of a shattered hive city or the sinkholes of an ash waste, most trukks just won’t cut it long without getting bogged down or shaking themselves to bits, and something heavier is needed to get the boyz around. For some meks without the parts and watzits to build lots of fully-fledged Battlewagons, the answer is to build Big Trakks. These are basically up-armoured trukk chassis or battlefield scavenged rigs fitted out with bigger, (and importantly) louder engines and heavy gauge tank treads able to cope with the roughest terrain. What they lack in speed over Trukks, Big Trakks make up for in raw power, not to mention the fact they make excellent gun carriers as well; able to mount the larger Big Gunz such as the Big-Zappa or the Killkannon. Some meks even go as far as to mount huge bore ‘Supa-Kannon’ on Big Trakks, much to the Orks’ amusement as the Big Trakk rears up like an enraged tusker from the recoil every time it’s fired.
BS Front Side Rear
Big Trakk 2 12 11 10
Unit: 1 Big Trakk
Type: Vehicle (Tank, Open Topped)
Transport: The Big Trakk has a transport capacity of 12 Orks and may only carry infantry (mega-armoured models count as two models each.)
Fire/Access Points: If given an ‘Ard case the Big Trakk has two fire points on each side and a rear access door.
Weapons: One twin-linked Big Shoota
The Big Trakk may have the following upgrades;
• The Big Trakk may upgrade its twin-linked Big Shootas to twin-linked Rokkit Launchas for +10 points or twin-linked Scorchas for +15 points
• Up to two additional Big Shootas for +5 points each
• A Boarding Plank for +5 points
• An ‘Ard Case for +10 points
• Stikkbomb Chukkas for +5 points
• Armour Plates for +5 points
• Red Paint Job for +5 points
• Grot Riggers for +5 Points
• The Big Trakk may also have one of the following; Reinforced Ram, Deff Rolla, Wrekin’ Ball or Grabbin’ Klaw for +10 points
Big Gunz: The Big Trakk may also be adapted to carry a single Big Gun from the following list, but if it does so its transport capacity is reduced to 6 models.
• Kannon +10 points
• Lobba +10 points
• Zzap Gun +15 points
• Supa-Skorcha +20 points
• Big Lobba for +35 points
• Flakk Gun for +50 points
• Killkannon +60 points
• Big-Zappa +65 points
Alternately the Big Trakk may be fitted with a Supa-Kannon for +80 points, but if it does so it looses its transport capacity entirely!
Special Rules
Rumbler: The Big Trakk’s heavy treads enable it to rumble over most adverse terrain with ease, —all the better for the boyz on board to get to grips with any sneaks trying to hide from a good kicking! The Big Trakk may re-roll difficult and dangerous terrain tests as long as it is moving at Combat Speed.
A squadron of 1-3 Big Trakks may be chosen as a single Heavy Support Choice for an Ork Army.


As for the Driver i addet the guy from the Stompa spure because of the awsum military look of his MUAHAHAHA


More ill update this as soon as i startedmodding or painting this

Cheers zorn


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