Blood Axes mob

Ok first of all thanks to the guys of Microarts Studios for releasing those AWSUM WWII ork Bodys


for those of you who dont know where to buy them…. you can get them HERE

i will use about twelve or so of em for a mob of Blood Axes for my Waaagh

and as im taking part in the monthly painting competition at “the Waaagh” i have to paint 5 of em

so i startet painting


pretty just primed and first shades of green at the moment 🙂

one thing id like to add is that i used some alternative org body for the nob…. it was a shadowrun miniature i think…..


got to say i love the bodys only thing some people may not like is that the standart arms from GW need some modeling to fit to the bodys…. but that is not a mayor problem imho

cheers Zorn


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