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Strange Aeons – Game Report – Sort Of

Posted in Finished Projects, Lovecraftian Stuff with tags , , , , , , on December 30, 2014 by kleinerzorn

So i played a small game of Strange Aeons with my Girlfriend today

we decited to start at 20 points because i wanted to play my new Nighgaunt and use some of the new terrain i buildt

so she created a crew of 6 Threshold Guys

1 Character with a Tommy gun

2 Agents…one with a double barreled Shotgun

and 3 Civillians with Knives and 22.s


i played a Nightgaunt a Cult Leader/ Wizard and two zombies

We rolled “Fight” on the Missions/Scenario table and the Terrain was set up as following


i started at the vr side and moved my Nightghaunt and my Zombie to the middle of the map behind the crypta so i couldnt be shot at


On her first turn she proceedet to move her agents to the middle of the map

003 004

as she couldnt see me there was no way of shooting at me , and she decited to stay back so that she would have a clear line of fire when i attack

On my Next turn i moved the other Zombie and attacked with my nightgaunt wich was not hit by some reaction shots

The Nightgaunt landet in front of one Agent ant a Civillian but both passed their Resolve Checks


In the following Close Combar the Nightgaunt won ( She rolled her 3 attacks 1,1 and 2 and i rolled mine 5 ,6 and 5)

the Agent was shreddet to bits and removed as a Major injury , wich prompted her whole squad to make a test on resolve…..


… and her character and two civillians messed up resolve and ran away ( due to her not moving in enough all of them ran off into the night , not to be seen again this game)


The agent that was left proceedet to fire her shotgun and miss

So on my next turn the zombies moved in on the Threshold agents


the rest of the game consisten in me attacking the other agents


and moving my zombies a bit further to her side of the board

in the end i anihilated the threshold Agents ( though only one had to roll on the Major Injury Table and has Hemaphobia now , wich seems fitting because he got shreddet by the Gaunt)



in the end i must say the game could not have went better for the Lurkers….. the three Agents running away made this an easy win


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