6 Deep one Hybrids

Another day …..another set of miniatures

MAN my Legions Innsmouthfolk are growing !

Fishman hybrids

Five of them are Deep One Hybrids from Brigade Games and one ( the one raising his arms in the middle) is a Deep one Hybrid priest from Blind Beggar Miniatures

The Deep ones from Brigade games , in my opinion , are the best Hybrid miniatures available

Hybrid 01

i love the way the hunch on their backs are sculpted


for the skin tone i decited to go with the blue…ish , grey…ish look i already used for my other deepone hybrids


Masons Priest fits in with all the other Innsmouth hybrids very well…..allthough he looks a bit like Donkey Kong 😉


Brigades Priest miniature is sculpted beautifully ! ….I love the cthulhu statue he is holding up…….also he is wearing a silly hat


I had to paint this one wearing a yellow raincoat

Hybnrid 06

This is the last one for now…. i still have to  paint 3 more though !!!


One Response to “6 Deep one Hybrids”

  1. […] i can only emphasize that those models are by far the best Hybrids around, they are sculpted beautifully……you can see the others here […]

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