Strange Aeons Game Report 4

Sooooooo….i played the shortest Strange Aeons Adventure possible….and that just because the Investigators rolled sixes……in any roll but one !

anybody got an idea how high the chances are that this happens ?



Character : Derek Sullivan  – 6 BP

Derek Sullivan
M   Dex.   Con.   A    W    Res.   Skills
5    4+     6/6     3    2     3+     Lucky Hat ,  Command ,Shurefooted,tight boots, Agoraphobia

Weapons: 45. , Knife

Agent : William H. Ruters  – Now 8 BP

RuthersM   Dex.   Con.   A    W    Res.   Skills
5/3    5+     7/9     2    1     3+     Tough , Thick Skin , +1 Con. , -1 Res (NEW)

Weapons: 45. , Knife , Shotgun, heavy West


Agent : Velma Rogers  – 4 BP

M   Dex.   Con.   A    W    Res.   Skills
5/5    5+     6/6     2    1     4+     Read languages , Scholar (New)

Weapons: 45. , Knife ,holy book,Hideous

If you wonder why her look changed read my last gaming report



The Lurkers consisted of

Lurker : Flying Horror 18 BP

Weapons: None

Skills :  Sprint ,Heroic


The Mission was a Monster Hunt and the Lurker player won the roll to begin the game

The setup was as following


The Lurker started at one side of the house


and the characters at the other


and it all looked so well for the lurker player…..the plan was to fly in grab one of the players, survive close combat ,( wich should have been a piece of cake) and drag him away



Turn 1 Lurker

The Flying horror used his first action to get over to the cars


and his second to charge agent Sullivan


as the other characters are NOT in base contact only Agent Sullivan ( whom i will call Sully the Slayer from now on) is allowed to attack

so the Lurker and agent sullivan roll their attacks……both have 3 dices to roll……the lurker rolls something like a 4 a 3 and another 4…and Sully rolls two sixes and a 5

So he won the close combat

He then proceeds to wound the lurker….wich should have been hard….again 2 sixes !


So we rolled on the Injury Table…. TWO FRIGGIN SIXES AGAIN !!!!!!!!



So the lurker was dead !

WOW that was a short game !!!



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