Strange Aeons – Game report 2

I had a second game of Strange aeons and decited to write a report on most of the games my Theshold team does


after deciting to use a Mad Scientist and zombies this time the set up was a Graveyard

the team consisted of


Character : Derek Sullivan  – 7 BP

Derek Sullivan
M   Dex.   Con.   A    W    Res.   Skills
5    4+     6/6     3    2     3+     Lucky Hat ,  Command ,Shurefooted,tight boots

Weapons: 45. , Knife

Agent : William H. Ruters  – Now 6 BP

RuthersM   Dex.   Con.   A    W    Res.   Skills
5/3    5+     6/8     2    1     4+     Tough , Thick Skin ( bought for 1 build point after surviving the last game without injuries)

Weapons: 45. , Knife , Shotgun, heavy West


Agent : Velma Rogers  – 3 BP

M   Dex.   Con.   A    W    Res.   Skills
5/5    5+     6/6     2    1     4+     Read languages

Weapons: 45. , Knife ,holy book



The Lurkers Consisted of


Mad Scientist 7 BP

Skills :  Command, Rugged , Improved Command

Weapons: Scalpel ( Counts as knife)

Lurker : Zombie 3 BP

Weapons: None

Skills :  Tough, Hideous

Lurker : Zombie 3 BP

Weapons: None

Skills :  Tough, Hideous

Lurker : Zombie 3 BP

Weapons: None

Skills :  Tough, Hideous


another “Fight” scenario was rolled

This time the Threshold player won the roll to place first and start the game


Turn 1 Threshold

Sullivan gets nominated and nominates the others

all the agents move past the cars into a better position to gun down the attacking zombies

Turn 1 Lurkers

The Mad Scientists injects the Zombie in the middle with his Serum and rolls a 5 giving it an adrenaline Boost thus boosting its movement to 6 ….the zombie , who suddenly motated into one of those fancy modern running zombies, uses this to moove and then charge agent Rogers….being already alert she shoots at it…misses…but passes her resolve check , that she had to make because the zombie is hideous…a fight ensues and the Zombie nanages to knock Agent Rogers out


Agent Ruthers shoots the Zombies , but misses

also Agent Sullivan doesnt manage to hit him


The other Zombies Decite to joint the attack and beging to stumble into the direction the the Agents


Turn 2  Threshold

Agent sullivan gets nominated as usual and nominates the others…..also he moves into a better position .

Before the zombie can kill agent Rogers , Agent Ruthers rushes in to attack the Zombie ….and fails his resolve check….


but being  the tough son of a bitch he is doesnt run away, or cower in fear….. he Frenzys

a05….and beats the Zombie into a bloody pulp ( beating his attack roll by 11 😀 )

meanwhile Agent Rogers uses this time ( her 2 actions)  to get up


Turn 2 Lurkers

The Mad scientists nominates teh zombies and orders back the zombie closest to him to inject him with the serum….


he rolls a 5 , thus creating a running zombie again

the remaining zombie attacks agent Sullivan


and the combat ends in a draw , and has to be resumed the next round


Turn 3 Threshold

Because the combat was a Draw agent Sullivan is not able to nominate anybody as hes currently occupied  fighting the Zombie

and again the fight ends in a draw…two times ….man that was a short round !! 😀

Turn 3 Lurkers

The Scientist nominates the Zombies and then…… gets greedy and injects his Zombie a second time………..killing him

tumblr_lpd69uHyVq1qagjcno1_250The other zombie still fights agent Sullivan and Sully wounds him……but the zombie simply is too tough so that the 2 reduction on the injury table negate the result



Turn 4 Threshold

Agent Sullivan nominates the others and attacks the zombie but still does not manage to kill it

Agent Ruthers moves forward and shoots at the scientist but misses


but Agent Rogers manages to move and then shoot at the scientist removing him from play with a minor injury

as the Scientist flees hes swearing revenge


Turn 4 …..Zombie

The Zombie Charges Agens Sullivan….wins the combat and removes him with a minor injury


As agent Sullivan got removed from the table the other agents have to take a resolve test… Agent Rogers messes up her resolve….and….frenzys…..charging the zombie…but her wild flailing at the zombie just does not seem to wiork

oh and agent Ruthers passes his resolve check

Turn 5 Threshold

Agent Ruthers gets nominated and charges the Zombie


together the agents manage to defeat the other remaining zombie


the threshold agents won a second time



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