Mad Scientist

i finished another miniature for strange aeons


Mad Scientist

the base for this miniature was a Dreamblade figure  called Doctor Agony. I had to cut of a bit of his legs and lab coat….also i shortened the arms and removed the head. i then replaced the hands with one holding a knife and one holding one of herbert Wests Serum syringes….i also replaced the head with a mantic ghoul head

heres a before / after conversion build

Mad Scientist before and after

its pretty impressive how different the miniature looks now, and i must admit im proud of myself  😀


2 Responses to “Mad Scientist”

  1. But where in the world did you find that awesome half bodied zombie! 😲

    I don’t know how you knew that Dr. Agony,who my husband and I are calling Dr. Love, could ever amount to more than the sum of his parts. Excellent work!

    • Thanks
      The “half” Zombie is part of the Mantic Kings of War Zombies Sprue. Its basically Normal zombie legs with an extra Bit thats part of the Sprue

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