Yakubian – Tattooed Squashbug – Dreamblade Repaint

Tattooed Squashbug repaint

i did another dreamblade repaint…well four repaints to be exact, and i think those creepy liddle things work great as Yakubians as described in The llenge from beyond, or as any other kind of Lovecraftian maggot monsters

“It was a gigantic, pale-grey worm or centipede, as large around as a man and twice as long, with a disc-like, apparently eyeless, cilia-fringed head bearing a purple central orifice. It glided on its rear pairs of legs, with its fore part raised vertically—the legs, or at least two pairs of them, serving as arms. Along its spinal ridge was a curious purple comb, and a fan-shaped tail of some grey membrane ended its grotesque bulk. There was a ring of flexible red spikes around its neck, and from the twistings of these came clicking, twanging sounds in measured, deliberate rhythms.
Robert E. Howard, Frank Belknap Long, H.P. Lovecraft, A. Merrit, C.L. Moore,
The Challenge From Beyond

the only thing that differs greatly are the eyes…..but i can live with that


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