Deamon Prince of Khorne & Deamon Prince of Tzeentch

I buildt myself two deamon princes for a flying circus army list

the first one is a deamon princo of Khorne

Deamon prince of khorne WIPThe base for the model was a Dreamblade model with a head replacement of yet another dreamblade model ! I also addet Ork Waaaghboss arms as i thought they fit sizewise and the weapons look khorn…ish enough

Deamonprince khorne

i really had fun painting it and i think the weapons work great ! also the head strongly reminds me of the deadra entitys of the Elder scrolls games

im very glad with how it turned out , and it did cost me about 3 € ( time spendt to build and paint it not includet obviusly)

The second one is a Deamon prince of Tzeentch

Daemon prince Tzeentch WIP

i consider it finished and will likekly start painting it this week….. the base model is some kind of Dungeons & dragons deamon, and the headpiece of the Staff is from some GW chaos set ( either CSM or Chaos deamons)

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