Wildork Dakkajet No. 2

As i am well happy with the Squigeon of Deff i decited to build me a second one

the wings are not as big this time ! A) because i couldnt find the dragon toy i used before and B) because i had these Mageknight Dragon wings laying in a bitzbox , and they fit the model well.

Also it looks different and is not as hard to transport 😉

Wildork Dakkajet version 2for the howdah i chose yet another destroyed old revell jeep from my bitzbox, and chains….i want it to look similar to the other one  ( i will add some more chains to the front though , but i need to wait for the mail to deliver some more greenstuff so i can fix the throat.

I will also add a crew of 6 Orks, clinging to the howdah, to represent the weapons

for colours i maybe peint it yellow this time

3 Responses to “Wildork Dakkajet No. 2”

  1. Ashecutioner Says:

    I freakin’ love this! Looks awesome!

    What model/toy did you use for the squigeon, dude?

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