Ork Crane and Cargo Containers

A few weeks ago i posted a picture of a crane i wanted to orkify !


its HUGE  ! but i think it will look great on any ork themed gaing table

Ork kran Container

i also buildt some cargo containers from some old carton

they are pretty siple buildt, and have no doors etc. But then again because of that they can be stacked up better, and they fit the crane pretty well


the containers are very easy to build. First you cut the parts out of a piece carton ( i used a thicker one so that the zigzaggy paper on the inside is thicker , and thus the overall buildt is far more stable and doesnt get damaged that fast). After that, you pin the parts together with normal pins or needles, and add glue to the inside of the container together ( mine are open on the underside but you can glue a piece of cardboard there too). Then you glue a piece of cardboard on top…..( i used an old computer game packaging because of the thick cardboard). And last you paint them in various colours (or in my case orange), and add the numbres.


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