Ork Brewhouse Bash building tutorial

as i said a few weeks ago i buildt myself an ork brewhouse bash gaing board

Ork Brewhouse Bash is a Boardgame that was presented in the White Dwarf  years ago. Its basically orks getting drunk and punching eachother till only one is left – THE BOARDGAME

You can download the rules Here

Theres also a printable version in the PDF , but its way more fun to play on an actual board with 3d terrain etc. !

as im finished now i thought it may be a good idea to post a tutorial on how i did it

1. The gaming board


The gaming board itself is 16 x 12 Inches wide and i made it by simply taking a 2,5 mm squarebase and staping the tiles into a piece of Styrodur. I painted it using wallpaint and a few colours to tint the paint. 3 to 5 coats of Drybrushing should be enough to get a level of depth that looks good enough

2. The Markers


Bottle Markers

Well 11 Bottles and a Bong

i buildt the bottles by heating up a plasticcard tube and then pulling it so the heated part got thinner, thus creating the bottleneck

Bottles makingif the plasticcard hardens its pretty easy to cut it to the ends to desired length

and Chairs

Chair Markers

The chairs are basically plasticcard slabs on bits of casting frames ,drybrushed with different tones of brown

3.  ORKS !!!

I buildt 6 Orks to play with representing 5 ork clans ( originally 6 but i realized that i forgot to build a Bloodaxe)


orks 2

4. Terrain

Tables Bar and Balcony

I kept the terrain modular so you can move it around

Most of it is made of styrofoam , the planks on the Balcony and the bar are thicker paper and the door and windows plus the podling are resin stuff i did cast

the colours are applyed by drybrushing with different shades of Brown

Finished !

now you can have a blast playing with your friend

and it looks fu&%$§# AWSUM !!



2 Responses to “Ork Brewhouse Bash building tutorial”

  1. This is great!
    Im in the process of getting a Brewhouse game up and running and that bottle making idea is simplistically fantastic. I will be stealing that I reckon, thanks for sharing!

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