‘Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn!’

I proudly present to you another addition to my collection !

the Horrorclix Cthulhu

As a fan of  Cthulhu this Model designed by Brian Dugas looks exactly like i imagined Cthulhu

so i was trying to get one for years now….its one of those models that id wanted to have since the time it was released ( like the Forgeworld Gargantuan Squiggoth) but couldnt afford to buy , due to rarity and well….the fact of having not enough money to get one

Imagine my surprise when i bought one on ebay for 36€….i guess the price was that low because this oneis slightly damaged ( the part where you stick the wings too is slightly damaged, but not that bad that i couldnt repait it in minutes)

With this id like to present you


Horrorclix Cthulhu

I dont play Clixgames and just wanted to have this Model for display, and maybe use it in an 40k apocalypse game or two , using houserules….

Its surprisingly detailed for a Horrorclix figure and standing over 16-inches high topps every other lovecraftian model i can think of

actually its so big that it doesnt fit the space i was gonna put it in….because i forgot the gigantic wingspan of that thing !

Horrorclix Cthulhu 02Horrorclix Cthulhu 03by the other inis i addet you can see the sheer size of that monster. (The Elder thing and the fleshy mutant shoggoth thingy are standing on 40mm Bases)

Horrorclix CXthulhu 01i may repaint a few things though….like adding a bit of pus/blood to the wounds and sccars at the wings , and making some other slight modifications like some more highlights….but all in all this figure is a great display piece



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