Moar Wildork tents

sorry for the crappy picture quality this time
but i think you get the basic jist….

Moar tents 2

heres what i did

1. prime the whole model black i used normal tinting paint and applyed it with a big brush , as priming spray would have melted the styrodur base

2. drybrush with different tones of brown starting from dark to bright. It was way easyer than i imagined and im actually quite happy how the texture came out….. ( iot looks rather greyish on the picture . Just look at the other pictures of the tents , they all are painted the same)

i think i drybrushed it about 6 or 7 times to get the highlighted effect that suited my tastes 😀

3. add grass and (prepainted) bits

4. Done

oh and heres another tent 😀

Moar tents


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