Wildork Terrain

i buildt these terrain pieces for an upcoming Campaign me and a friend are playing
its orks vs imperial army and the first part will be an attack on a Wildork Camp in a jungle ( i will make some pictures of the game as we plan on playing only painted stuff)
so i buildt some Wildork tents

i started with building a rough tripod thingy for the smaller tents and used some more wires for the bigger tent ( the last one was obviously a bottle)
then i glued some toilet paper to it to get the basic shape of a tent ( it worked even better then i expected)
for the texture i basically just cut out leather skin thingys from paper and glued them to the tents so that the tents look like they were reinforced with hides of animals

for the paintjob i brushed everything with different brown tones
and addet some bitz….

Wildork terrain

so heres the finished tents and two piles of bones buildt from actual chicken bones ( the huge skull is from some McFarlane toys base i bought on ebay years ago)


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