Orkbot Version 2.0

some years ago i did some Ork bots to use as Killakans….but i was never really happy with the results

Ork Segweys

as you can see the crapcans or ork segways or whatever they are didnt really look that well and did not capture what i had in mind
A friend of mine asked me some time ago if i could mould some bots for him….and that hed buy 15….soooo i did a newer version


as you can see the leg goes on both sides and the weapon is a giant Meatcleaver
overall im impressed with how good such a simple idea turned out



the cast works well and the scrapgrinder weapon looks fine too….

PLUS its pretty easy to individualize the bots by adding smaller bits like spikes of plasticcard or shoulder pad thingys

Trashbot torsos

heres 10 torsos of the 15 bots i sold


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