Smoke markers for destroyed vehicles

So i tryed something that i saw on the web years ago
and i must say it worked out well !!

and as the easyest way to do a tutorial in my opinion is by pictures i did a small tutorial on how to do it

So i hope you may be as happy as i am with these very cheap BUT awsum looking smoke markers

what you will need is

Electrical Tealights ( the ones with flickering LEDs)
some cotton wool from an old pillow)
matt varnish primer spray
& black primer spray

Smoke marker

you basically just need to take the wool and glue it to the tealight… then you can use some matt varnish primer spray to make the wool a bit less soft…. you can “crunch” the wool into place better and give it a better fit…
the next thing to do is spray on some black spray…..the more you use the darker it gets and the less you will see the glow inside the “smoke” pillar so be carefull and dont try to overdo it

when its dryed its finished…
it looks great on the battlefield and will emit a nice orange “fire” glow from withing the smoke

here a “crappy” gif i made to show the effect…..

Animation Fire

i hope you find this helpfull… Cheers


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