Ork Bomma from 1:32 Plane


Bomma 2

The overall plane is a bit to big…..but i like my bommer to be big


2 Responses to “Ork Bomma from 1:32 Plane”

  1. Hey there. All I can say is I stumbled upon your blog and love it. Heh. You have finally inspired me to pull my orks offa the shelf and get on it. Its been a while since I played them (Back in the days when you have spring loaded legs as a mod). Anyways the reason I stopped creeping and replied is that I was wondering where you got your Shooty bitz from? They suit orks perfect and was curious due to the colours.

  2. Thanks !

    the shooty bitz belong to a Robogear walker called T rex …..you can easily get one or two very cheap on ebay

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