Huge ass Squig for my Wildorks ……Toy Conversion

Remember these old Extreme Dinosaurs toys ?
i wanted to do a Dinosaur conversation for my Wildorks but more coical than most dinosaur toys look
and by sheer luck i saw these toys on ebay and bought one or 1 € and 2,2€ porto….

i cut off its forearms and shortened it a bit …..after that i addet a howdah made of some spare plasticcard bits and put on a toy minigun i bought a while back for 1€ (on ebay too :D)

its a bit silly that it wear pants…. but i just consider them what any proppa ork would consider them
a holy relic of Gork (or Mork)

heres a Barryshot so you can see the size ( its actually quite big but as i plkan on using it either as a Big Squiggoth or a tank that should work fine)

so considering the small amount of time put in and the small amount of money it costs me i can only recommend doing a conversion like this……
its unique….funny … and cheap


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