The Cybotling or How my Grot Rebellion got some Cybork Squigs

So heres what i was thinking…..
In a grot rebellion….grots are valuable assets that you wouldnt waste….with lets say…testing out Bioniks on them
so what do grot Doks test on ….!

So i rpoudly present to you
the Cybotling wich is NOT a squig…. its a Podling
Squigs belong to Games workshop…Podlings are…uhm….mutated vegetables with teeth and feet with ust two toes because God/me sucks at creating feet ! *g*

i created the riginal by adding gubbinz to one of my normal podlings
im also
working on a few other versions with cbernetic legs,a metal jaw,exhausts etc….

Heres a Barryshot with a Dok i painted a few days ago



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