Flash Gitz

so with the new 6th Edition and the errata Flashgitz are not worthless anymore
and last night i started to build some
and i endet up with 10 of them

here they are

most people hate metal parts….i personally love them (i mean hey i can strip the paint if i want to repaint them…..that doesnt work that well with resin)

i used the metal parts because i collected the heads that have gitfinders already….
some of them are old Meganob heads and some are from Bigshoota boys
you cant see that well in the picture but all of the models got a gitfinda

the Bodys are made by the guy from http://dooddminiatures.blogspot.de ( i would link it but for some reason WordPress fucks up the html code as so as i try) ….i bought a bunch of them a few months ago and they have the perfect size (about Nob sized)
so they fit the Flashgitz theme perfectly well


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