i made a mould for the never version of Bob…..the Squigglig from a while back
you remember bob right ?

and decited to call my breed of walking heads Podlings

oh and i made a new mould for the other squig i cast…..the models turn out fine…..
( all though i have some difficultys getting a full tail without a bubble forming on the tip)

and heres a third Podling im working on……. its a it bigger than the others and the firs piece i did totally on my own……
the feet and spikes need to get redone/done
and the legs look awkward att he moment….. im pretty happy with the teef though…..

also the nose needs a bit more work……
if you wonder why half of it is brown…..thats what happens if you leave your sculpey in the oven for too long πŸ˜€
ut it didnt ruin the model…..it just turned black πŸ˜€

and because i think its mutch easyer to decite how the quality of a model is when you paint it ……but to be honest mostly because i mixed on too much silicone for another mould …….i created a mould for it….without feet πŸ˜€

so i ca preset you a paited versio of the ufinished product πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€


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