a Grot Dok and more Badmoon Grots

i did 8 more Badmoon grots and a Grot Dok ( for a Fanmade Rebel Grot Codex)

as you can see i simply did add a few bits and they look different already

pretty easy (and CHEAP) ay to get alot of Grots

actually ,the ones with the replaced heads are some of my first conversions wich i thought could need a bit of reworking

and this is my first Grot Dok

the body is an old Dreamblade miniature i had in my Bitzbox ( i may post some more pictures if i finish his Grotesk cohorts

you should really check out the rebel grot codex….

you can find it on The Waaagh allthough its not finished yet…… but if you have some ideas….the people there are always happy about new input


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