Looted Eldar Falcon

it improved much since i last posted an update on is as you can see ERÈ

so i  worked on the Looted panzee Falcon a bit more  and decited it will become a Mekboy Junka with Kff and Deffrolla

still in need of Rivets and a descent paintjop plus some minor wip issiues like the KFF and the deffrolla



4 Responses to “Looted Eldar Falcon”

  1. Is this the old falcon i once gave you? ^^ Or is it a new one? Looks great!



  2. oh ….uhm however i did it… my text is the link to the BW i did with your falcon 😀

  3. Aaaaah … right … i remember. That was funny … guess my troops have to get in shape … we have to redo that.

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