finished the Grot Tanks

I finally finished all my grot tanks
i know somepeople dont like the clean look
but my bad moonz tend to spend some teef on get the tanks cleaned to show the other orks that them take proppa care of even the cheapest grot tank !
and yeeeeah they are REALLY yellow… but i tend to like it that way

heres the one that is shown in early wip on the other pictures…. mostly buildt from space plasticcard and some old toy tank 😀

one with flamer

Grotzooka or lobba or whatever

same here

Command tank one

and command tank two

i really dont have ANY clue what to play this one as… but i love the way it turned out 😀

aaand the ugly duckling of my Grot tanks…. as you can see on this one….its buildt of trash 😀
but i still like it



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