The Ork LCVP

Just a “Landungsboot” im working on

i think i will field it using the following rules


55 pts

BS Front Side Rear
LCVP  2 11 11  10
Unit: 1 LCVP
Type: Vehicle (Tank, Open Topped,Fast)
Transport: The LCVP has a transport capacity of 20 Orks and may only carry infantry (mega-armoured models count as two models each.)
Fire/Access Points: Open
Weapons: One  Big Shoota
The LCVP  may have the following upgrades;
•  may upgrade its  Big Shootas to Rokkit Launchas for +10 points
• Up to two additional Big Shootas for +5 points each
• A Boarding Plank for +5 points
• Stikkbomb Chukkas for +5 points
• Armour Plates for +5 points
• Red Paint Job for +5 points
• Grot Riggers for +5 Points
• may also have one of the following; , Wrekin’ Ball or Grabbin’ Klaw for +10 points

Alternately the Big Trakk may be fitted with a Supa-Kannon for +80 points, but if it does so it looses its transport capacity entirely!
Special Rules
Rumbler: The  heavy treads enable it to rumble over most adverse terrain with ease, —all the better for the boyz on board to get to grips with any sneaks trying to hide from a good kicking! it  may re-roll difficult and dangerous terrain tests as long as it is moving at Combat Speed.
it may be used instead of a pikkupp for a standart squat of 20 or less orkboys


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  1. […] after two years i made a picture of the finished Model…you can see the wip version HERE […]

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