Looted fish`ead Hammerhead


So a while back i decited to loot a tau hammerhead

heres how it started

as you can see atm its armed with a scorcha…. i whink ill add some Rokkit Launchas too

as youn can see the tracks are from a Leman Russ

as i hate the idea of orks being able to manuver a hovertank

shure if it flyes a ork can to that but hovering over the ground….naaaah thats unorky

so here it is with somemore armour plating

latest update with some paint



One Response to “Looted fish`ead Hammerhead”

  1. Nice… I like what you have done to that hammerhead. Especially the exposed engine block on the front, it breaks up the lines just enough to make the chassis orky.

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