Da Sturmtieger

heres some pictures of one of my Battlewagons the Sturmtieger


looks pretty Orky if you ask me…. i buildt it on the chassi of a Revell model of a Wehrmacht Sturmtieger in 1:35


the cannon already looked very orky so i just addet spikes to it

Unbenannt-1The plates and rivets i addet are taken from an old Aircraft Bomber model i found in one of my scrap part boxes

and the tank is armed with 4 shootas …. 3 hullmounted one used by the gunner at the upper vl left

Unbenannt-1As a Battlewagon of this size is worth a few teeth a Boss is needet to overlook the gitz will do everything proppa

Unbenannt-1this guys a boss from the AOBR Box allthough  the model i used was the one that has been released together witth the WD promoting the AOBR Box

Unbenannt-1as you can see i addet a proppa engine… removing one from a PikkUpp

(the wrecking Ball is just laying there as i managet te break it off -_-)


thats it so far… Cheers zorn


One Response to “Da Sturmtieger”

  1. Awesome … need to get my imps ready so you can kick their ass!

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