Looted Valkyrie or maybe DA VULCHA

Ok about one month ago i bought a Valkyrie to loot for me Boyz


this is how it looks now….

allthough i designed aother cockpit i decited to add a bigger bulkier oe …. it orks ayways ad if oe of these thigs go down the first thing to breat off would be the cockpit


i thik ill use this grot guidet thing at some point building a orky warhound titan thingy or something like this


As you can see i decited to add the front of a Battlewagon to it…..allthough i rebuildt it roughly with other bitz


a thing i wanted to keep is the interior and the ability to open and close the doors… i will add bulllet holes etc to it later


i will kep it multi part so that ittl be easyer to transport in the end

and ill add more rivets to the wingz and the underside of it because there need to be tons of bullet holes and scratches


maybe ill add some more wires and cables to the Turbines

all in all im happy with how they look


Updates will follow

im open for any C&C

Cheers Zorn


3 Responses to “Looted Valkyrie or maybe DA VULCHA”

  1. Nice work so far, although I am not entirely sold on the rather flat nose of the battlewagon. But since it is obviously WIP I will reserve final judgement until it is finished.

    And how about adding some additional “boostaz” to the rear? As it is now it looks a bit fragile and thin compared to the bulky front.

  2. I agree, you have to do something with the rear. Still looks very imperial to me.

    I would add an orc, leaning out of one sidedoor, shooting at folks down below, and a grot on a chain, whos gettin drawn behind. But thats not your style, isn’t it?

    It just seems too … boring to me. Needs an eyecatcher.

  3. Hehe thanks i think ill work on the back… allthough i dont have any idea how it may look……for now

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