Da Finga of Gork

Its a looted wagon with Boomgub

i did build it from a looted Rhino a friend gave me

and addet the arm of a StompaUnbenannt-1

As you can see i atted a Auto loader to the “arm” using the Parts i cut of the Arm and placed two Boomgun shells from another tank spure to it

I also  addet a Grot Rigger


The whole tank looks very cleam wich most ork players dislike…. but i like it that way

i may work on the colors a bit more…but as i HATE painting it may take a while because its playable painted right now and i dont want to f*ck it up by giving it a shitty paintjob just because i dont feel like painting

MAN i just loooove the size of that gun


maybe it will be fieldet as a Killkannon… who knows 😀


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